2023-08-24 13:00Press release

Notified Files Patent for AI-Enabled Investor Relations Solutions; Aims to Transform Earnings Process for Investor Relations Officers

New AI solutions to enhance and streamline the quarterly earnings process – securely leveraging AI to monitor trends, predict questions and grade communication

NEW YORK, Aug. 24, 2023 -- Notified, a globally trusted technology partner for investor relations, public relations and marketing professionals, today announced that it has filed a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to develop new artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled features for its IR Event Platform. These new AI capabilities – including an Earnings Call Coach – aim to empower Investor Relations (IR) teams to tell their investment story more effectively by analyzing trends, predicting questions, and grading the performance of past and planned capital markets communications.

Notified’s Earnings Call Coach will collect data from both historical and future corporate earnings calls, webcasts, press releases and news across industries, countries and stock exchanges. By rapidly analyzing and distilling relevant data for a given company or industry – the platform will extract trends, predict questions that are likely to occur during an upcoming earnings webcast or call, coach IR teams on improving their prepared statements, and prepare executives for future calls and analyst conversations. Additionally, the Earnings Call Coach will provide an overall quality score for earnings call-related audio, video or text content – including pre-written IR scripts and pre-recordings – enabling IR teams to optimize messaging and better assess improvement over time. Finally, the platform will enable investor relations officers (IROs) to measure the impact of their efforts through post-call analytics, that can improve future interactions with investors and analysts by surfacing hidden cues in sentiment, tone of voice and body language.

“When it comes to communicating in today’s market environment, there are no second chances – and investor relations professionals can greatly benefit from the power and speed of AI-enabled data processing and analysis,” said Nimesh Davé, President, Notified. “As an IR technology provider, Notified has the obligation to provide a secure environment to leverage the capabilities of AI. We’re developing proprietary products that will give executives fast access to critical and previously unavailable information, facilitating a more engaging and impactful earnings process while ensuring complete security and compliance. We believe that Notified’s AI-powered tools will supercharge IR efforts – automating tedious, time-consuming tasks, empowering data-driven strategy, and giving IR teams an edge with insights at a scale that only artificial intelligence and predictive models can provide.”

In addition, Notified has filed a patent for its Smart Press Release Solutions, building on the GlobeNewswire AI Press Release Generator's cutting-edge capabilities. This solution will include new tools for content optimization, a grading system to predict success rates, recommended distribution options and predicted media engagement.

Notified recently announced an exclusive partnership with IR Magazine to form an Artificial Intelligence Working Group, inviting global IROs and finance leaders to explore the applications and implications surrounding the use of AI in the investor relations industry. Notified will sponsor IR Magazine’s upcoming AI in IR Forum on December 1, 2023 in New York City, and will deliver a keynote session highlighting insights and findings from this report. To learn more about the AI in IR Forum, visit: https://events.irmagazine.com/aiforum/.

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